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This is Sakura, the female ninja on the team.  Although her physical abilities do not benefit the team much, her intelligence makes up for what she lacks in strength.  However, one of the keys to becoming a good ninja is to follow your instinct, whereas Sakura is often too afraid to do anything.  Instead she stands by while her teammates (Naruto and Sasuke) fight the battles.  Nonetheless, Sakura provides moral support for her team and at times, some useful ninjas skills.




She has a secret crush on Sasuke; although it isn't much of a secret because she practically expresses this in every episode.  This is where there is somewhat of a love triangle - Naruto has a crush on Sakura, but she like Sasuke.  Sasuke, the missing part of the triangle, is so bent upon revenge that he regards everything as a waste of time.  Instead he devotes his time to becoming the best ninja as quickly as possible in order to get his revenge.  See Sasuke's profile for more revenge details...

This is her "inner Sakura" which provides some comic relief in the eariler episodes of the show.  Most often it is seen when Sakura is devising some clever plan to win Sasuke's love (although it has yet to succeed).  Basically the "inner Sakura" is a dialogue with herself.  The "inner Sakura" was most useful in the episode when she was fighting Ino (her rival for Sasuke's love) and Ino had successfully completed a mind transfer to take over Sakura's mind.  However, her "inner Sakura" was able to kick Ino out, which was especially surprising because this had never happened before.