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This is Naruto, the main character of the show.  His story is somewhat of a sad one.


Before he was born, there was a demon fox who wandered the country destroying everything in its path - it's name was Kyuubi.  Kyuubi came to the village of Konoha (the Leaf Village) when Naruto was just a baby.  His parents were both killed protecting the village.  The leader of the village, known as the Hokage, trapped Kyuubi inside the body of a newborn child and sealed the demon inside.  This child was Naruto.  What makes the show interesting is that the energy or chakra, of the fox begins to mix with that of Naruto's.  However, the evil tendencies of the demon remains separate from Naruto.  As he gets older, Naruto learns to use some of the energy from the demon, thus making him a better and better ninja.






This was Naruto's favourite ninja move, called the Kage Bunshin no jutsu.  Basically it is the multiplication of actual bodies which can be used in fights. Bunshin no jutsu is duplication of pretend bodies, but they cannot fight.  Naruto learned Kage Bunshin no justu in an earlier episode when one of his earlier sensai's (who turned out to be evil), tricked Naruto into stealing the Forbidden Scroll.  Kage Bunshin no jutsu is a higher level jutsu only used by more experienced ninjas.


This is his new favourite move.  (Generally Japanese animations like to have the character use the same "move" over and over again in multiple episodes.  i.e. Sailor Moon and her scouts only have one "move" each in which they destroy their enemies.)  This move is called the Rasengan.  It was used by one of the old Hokages (leader of the village).  It was taught to him by one of the legendary Sannins (basically, really good ninjas.. there is only 3 of them).