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Naruto Character Bio

Naruto is Japanese Anime about a boy named Naruto.  Bascially the show is about how ninjas are trained and the missions that they accomplish to become better.  Training begins young - they go to an academy and learn the basics of a ninja.  At this stage, they are known as genin; I guess in layman's terms it would be the equivalent of "kid ninja".  When they graduate from the academy, they are assigned into teams of 3.  Together with their sensai (or teacher), they are assigned missions which are ranked according to difficulty and carry them out.  The sensai's job is to teach them the unwritten rules of becoming a ninja.

This is Team 7 - Naruto's team.  He is the main character in the show (obviously).  Starting at the top and moving clockwise: Kakashi, Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke.


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